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    I’ve decided to spruce up the web-site a wee bit (even with our new logo – any comments?). Another new feature is the single thread forum, so you can jump on and have your say, ask a question or just read what is being said. As I always say the forum is only as strong as what you make of it, so I would urge you to contribute and regularly to keep it all worthwhile. BTW, if you want to check something in the old forum it is now archived and the link is below… Okay let’s hear from you …

    Looking for the old forum? You can view the read-only archived version here.

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    Hello League Two! After yesterday’s display there can be few Dons fans foolish enough to think we can perform the great escape again. It was a horror show. Yes the ref was an officious twat, but we gave him the opportunity to be one.

    Here’s what I gleaned from yesterday’s display:

    Hartigan is out of his league, quite literally. Yesterday he was trotteresque as he found himself overrun and unable to track back without giving away petty fouls. He was lucky not to be booked, but thankfully the officious twat didn’t see the number of fouls he was committing.

    O’Neill had a horror show. He hasn’t looked at all happy these last couple of weeks. He hardly got beyond the half way line, hardly ever passed, and when he did it was to a member of the opposition or to wide open space. In the second half as he frequently lost the ball, he just stood there complaining rather than busting a gut to get back. To be fair Bristol did a good job closing down both our wing backs. At times it was men against boys.

    Trott’s confidence looked shot even before his howler. He doesn’t look like he communicates with his defenders at all. As we all know if your central defenders don’t hear the keeper shouting, it makes them nervous and prone to errors. His error in handling a long punt was truly awful. Yes he may have been blinded by the low sun angle, but that’s why the Bristol keeper brought a cap with him! It will be interesting to see how Trott reacts. When Rambo made a howler last season, he immediately did a “mea culpa” to the crowd. Yesterday Trott retreated into the large hole he’d dug for himself, only to wish he’d dug it ten foot deeper.

    Folivi needs to grow a foot, put on abut five stone to be a effective striker. He tried hard, but effort gets you very little in League One against much bigger and stronger players. By the way, when was the last time we’ve played the same two strikers in consecutive games? It stinks of a feeling of not having the right players, and not knowing what to do with the ones you’ve got.

    Forrs’s goal was a cracker. Real quality after a quick break. The booking for the celebration was slightly unfair, but it gave the officious twat a decision to make. Shame the officious twat didn’t see fit to make the same decision when the Bristol equaliser came, as running ten yards up to the home end to give an “incredible hulk” celebration seemed much more deserving.

    Talking of their equaliser, it perfectly highlights the problem with a 3-5-2 formation. With both our wing backs high up the pitch, a long ball into the corner forced Nightingale over to defend. Suddenly he has two Bristol players on him, he’s all alone, loses the ball, a good cross is delivered to the very spot Will would normally be, no Dons player had tracked back, and thank you very much. Wally and Glyn should have been spitting blood. How Hartigan or Reilly (who had a good game) didn’t see fit to plug the gap, heaven knows.

    Forr’s dismissal obviously kicked any chance of us winning the game into the long grass. What was really upsetting about it, was its timing. We’d just brought on Pigott to play three up front, and had two really good chances to go ahead for a second time. One particularly good save low down to the keeper’s left from Wagstaff was real class. Forss’s foul was silly, petulant, and completely unnecessary.

    Lots of negatives, so where are the positives? It’s pretty hard to find any after yesterday. Kevin Gage’s midweek intervention seemed to say loud and proud what everyone is thinking. At best we’re a League Two club that has somehow managed to beat the odds for the last few seasons. The problem with this, is that sooner or later your luck runs out.


    Windlesham Don

    Bang! That’s the sound of us shooting ourselves in the foot, as Forss got himself a second yellow with a brainless challenge after picking up a first for ‘excessive celebration’.
    Wally had just brought on Pigott to go for the win with three up top and we were just gaining some momentum, so Forss’s actions should incur the wrath of both manager and teammates. Remember that Forss had already been substituted on Tuesday because the manager was worried about a second yellow, so to do the same 4 days later is almost beyond belief!
    Bang! That’s the sound of the other foot being shot when the ever nervous Trott made the king of all rickets by letting a simple bouncing ball through his hands and over the line.
    The whole group is looking devoid of confidence at the moment and this needs to change very quickly if we are to avoid being stranded at the bottom of the table. The return of Wordsworth should add leadership, but there also needs to be professionalism and consistency, qualities sadly missing at the moment…



    Nine games in and still no league win for the Dons. They’ve played five of the top 10 teams and some say now we’re playing some of the *easy* teams. How I cringe when I hear that. Next up opponents Bristol Rovers are currently 12th, have lost three games and have an 8-3-3 record over Wimbledon. Let’s be frank here: there are NO easy games for the Dons in League One. But we live on in hope. Will Wally’s boys finally break the ice against Rovers and get only their second win in our last 16 games (including last season)? Scoring is an issue. Wimbledon have eight goals in nine games and last scored more than once in the penultimate game of last season against Wycombe (our last league win). I’m hoping we’ll see the return of Anthony Wordsworth for some part of this weekend’s game. He’s been missed in midfield and his leadership is important as Wimbledon try to close out games and hold on to leads or for draws.
    Midfielder Callum Reilly says ..

    We looked at the table the other day showing where we would be if it was just based on the first-half. It’s not going to help you long-term, but it just shows what might have been if we had managed to apply ourselves a little bit better in the second-half of games.

    Skipper Will Nightingale was clearly hurting when he said this week …

    We’ve got to pick ourselves up. We’ve got to improve. We’ve got to be stronger mentally. I’m not going to stand here and make excuses. I can only say that I’m going to do everything I can to get better and I’m sure all the boys are thinking the same.

    Assistant manager Glyn Hodges is confident wins will come…

    We had the bit between our teeth last season and made sure that relegation didn’t happen. Looking forward now, I’m sure we’ve seen signs that there’s a team in there. We just need a bit of confidence and a spark to go on a run and get us out of where we are in the table. It’s down to us to keep working hard to put it right.Last season we were down and out, but we did what we did with this group of players. If people were not in the team, they were pulling in the right direction. It was probably the best experience I’ve had in all my years.

    So as they say.. we go again…


    Devon Womble

    At the risk of being an armchair critic, I watched the Coventry v Dons match on ifollow (which as usual, broke down for several minutes).
    Of the game, the result doesn’t surprise me one bit. We don’t play 3-5-2, we play 8-0-2. We are dreadful at free kicks, and even throw-ins from the critical final third are poor. Vis-a-vis Reilly and O’Neill. SO many wasted opportunities, especially considering that Coventry’s defence looked shaky on more than a few occasions. So little creativity or flair on our part to take advantage of that.
    Forss coming off doesn’t surprise me either. Finns have an ice cold temperament but getting a card shows his frustration at having to go fetch the ball himself rather than receive a service. Guinness-Walker’s card is also understandable. Coventry ran riot through his side of the field because no-one stopped them before they reached him. He just broke.
    Appiah is also bone lazy. When Waggy sent in a cross and it went through to the other touchline, it wasn’t Appiah who tried to recover it from his position halfway closer to the ball than Waggy, it was Waggy himself.
    Ultimately, apart from the indomitable Nightingale/Kalambayi partnership most of our players have little ability to read the ball or their colleagues intentions. There is no link up whatsoever. Passing is all long hopeful balls, nothing is short and snappy, thus making it so easy for the opposition to read.
    Nor is there any sign of effective cover when someone IS going forward. If a tackle comes in, we lose the ball and rarely win it back. We also rarely pick up loose balls for the same reason.
    We have only amassed three points. Given that we are already three points adrift and yet only have to beat two other teams (or possibly just one) to stay up, I’m already of the opinion that we are in trouble. Deep trouble. There was so much promise for this season, and yet so little has been delivered.
    The clock is now running down…



    Coventry away? What is the best we can expect?
    Early days still but we desperately need a win.

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