• Anybody know if the game is on the tv in OZ on Saturday morning

  • Is it time for a change at the top. Being a Don for over 50 years now I’ve seen it all the very highs and some lows. Have we been to good for our own good coming up though the leagues and our younger supporters only know the highs and want it straight away. Yes and no,am i looking too far back and should i be saying N A out we all know he loves…[Read more]

  • Well that was a good start to the season with everyone in the side playing for each other. A very good team performance. Looking forward to the season now,I know one swallow doesn’t make a summer but it looked good. Watching it on ifollow which was a hundred percent better than last year and with commertry as well,which broke up a few times but…[Read more]

  • Hi all,well what a season this has been. At the start I thought we would finnish in the top 10 but at the end I’m happy to stay up. Then all the other things that happened them getting relegated,now new plough lane starting. It is only going to get better. I’m looking forward to the close season now for all the comings and goings at our great club…[Read more]

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    Its a long season and hopefully we have turned the corner,with another forward fighting for a place in the starting line up,players coming back from long injuries we are scoring goals defense playing well. More teams struggling and coming into the relegation zone is good for us,I’m looking forward to this part of the season with optimism onwards…[Read more]

  • Great news about new Plough Lane but until that first brick is down.!!!!

  • Hi all. Devon womble its funny it was the first time I had a very good picture with ifollow,maybe we should ask them to fix our team. To me Forrester looks like he has some class,but as for our forwards they were in Portsmouth back pocket the whole game. They ran and past quicker and better than us and there wingers got behind our defense at will…[Read more]

  • Devon womble,thats the same e-mail they sent me. Still no better off with the problem that i have so one more week then its goodbye ifollow.!!!!!!! Good secound half and its nice to get the 3points. COYD.

  • Forrester on paper looks like a good signing,scores some goals from midfield which we have never had so thats a plus. Hopefully he is at a age now where going to night clubs may not look so apilling,just have a few beers with the players then home for a hot chocolate then bed.!!!! A lot of me was hoping Peter Crouch talk was real but its not often…[Read more]

  • Looking forward to the start of the season. With the new pitch should be good to play good football on it. The players that have come in look good with the possibility of some more to come in hopefully could be a top eight finnish. COYD

  • Hopefully thats the last of the players leaving and with a bit of money in the bank we may get somebody in. What do you think money on a midfielder or on a striker.

  • Heading over at the end of July for a Wedding,but hope to see a friendly game and maybe the first away game of the season if i play my cards right with the wife.!!!!

  • As a Don from the early sixties how did i feel when we played them yes i wanted to win but that was all. As I’m so far away now the anger is still there not to there supporters but to him for doing what he did to our club.Never for give never forget and i think if i saw him in the street i think i would punch him on the nose. People say that…[Read more]

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    Hi all happy new year to one and all,I see the game is live in the USA,anybody know if its on here.

  • What can i say that has not been said our club is just amazing the never say die attitude reminds me of the old grazy gang.I must say when it was 3-0 i did text my son who was out at a party to not bother to watch it when he got home,then i had to text him again that he must watch it.COYD. Now let us give that thing up the road a good beating.

  • This club of ours never ceases to amaze me. Before i moved to oz going to Plough Lane every other week when we were in the old 4th division i never dreamed that we would be playing in the Premier League a few yes later and then winning the FA Cup. THinking that no club in the World could do what we have,then to have our club taken away from us…[Read more]

  • What a win,to be honest with the way Oxford have been playing the most I was hoping for was a draw. Then to be above that xxxx team just made my day.

    Ken the womble what part of Perth are you ?

  • This is a funny old game,by all accounts we dominated this game for most of it.Was it just a of day for Gillingham or are we starting to play as iknow we can.Oxford next week will be the real test next week, now if we can get a result i do think we can be looking at the edge of the playoffs so come on Dons show us the way to Plough Lane.

  • Just watch the highlights and what I saw Shrewsbury had more of the play, was our play so bad that they cut it all out.Yes its 2 points lost we should have put them under more pressure in the firsthalf and put the game out of there reach,but we are still learning and i think we will get there.Now for Coventry on Wednesday by all accounts they…[Read more]

  • Well that was a bit of a surprise was hoping for a draw but I’ll take that win. As Rob said i think our diffence looks past it and with out Shea’s 3 or 4 great saves we would have been dead and buried by half time. Next few games which on paper we look like we should win will show if we are a middle of the road team or a team that is going to be…[Read more]

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