WomblesDownunderTHE Voice of Radio WDON Mike Taliadoros talks it up in WDSA’s latest Wombles Downunder newsletter.

Mikey T gives full throttle to his legendary recall of  his 30-plus years in “the greatest story in the history of football” and covers plenty of territory in this extensive interview over four pages with WDSA in edition No.202.

We also have a fine appreciation of Simon Bassey by Iain Sandford, who describes ‘Bass’ as ‘AFC Wimbledon’s Company Man’, while Colum McAndrew writes glowingly of the impact of Chris ‘King’ Arthur.

WDSA’s own Wizard of Oz writes a hard-hitting piece on the ‘Haters Will Hate’, asking: “I have never understood the motivation, why pay for your ticket, why claim to support your team, and then spend 90 minutes hurling insults at your players?”

There are views from regulars Ray Armfield, Bush Womble, David Bugg and Trevor Pearce, while David Kenwery  covers some football territory in his ‘Northern Exposure” and there’s three pages in our popular feature Around League Two, with fans from Torquay United, Exeter City, York City, Chesterfield and Cheltenham Town all having their say.

Wombles Downunder has been chronicling Wimbledon FC since October 1985 …..

“WE were there when Fash was terrorising defences
in the old Division 2; we were around when Dave
Beasant lifted the FA Cup at Wembley; we
witnessed the heart-rending day when the Dons went
down from the Premier League, and left Neal
Ardley on his haunches sobbing; we raged at the
injustice of the hijack to Milton Keynes; we
flippin’ burst with pride when AFC Wimbledon rose
like a phoenix and we cheered when ‘it took only nine years’ to reach the Football League.”

It’s all in the acclaimed ‘Wombles Downunder’ newsletter and all for just one dollar an issue (six a season). This is what some have been saying after reading Wombles Downunder

Stephen Crabtree (The Historical Don) … If you want in-depth, up-to-date, critical comment on every aspect of AFC Wimbledon then the Wombles Downunder newsletter is for you. Each issue Rob gets together a range of writers to examine the parts of the club other publications do not reach. Always well informed, at 200 not out it will no doubt be at the crease for many years to come.”

Erik Samuelson… “I’ve always been impressed by the quality and the range of topics from Dons fans around the world.  WDSA brings them all together and produces a very high quality newsletter (and website). Long may it continue. My only grumble is that during our interviews he always manages to get me to say a bit more than I meant to, while respecting genuine confidences.”

Ray Armfield .. “The biggest compliment I can pay is that I’ve often read exclusives and discovered news about our club via a newsletter compiled on the other side of the world.”

Rob Bushaway (Derbyshire) … “I have often commented that the news provided by the fanzine was much more informative than the national press. It’s been brilliant and fair to say it still is.”

Andy Powell (Devon Womble) … I stepped inside Plough Lane to watch my first Wimbledon match sometime late in 1972/1973 (against Nuneaton Borough if memory serves me right), but beyond the fragments of sage wisdom in the local pub about our performances, and a constantly biased press; it was always hard to know much about what was really going on inside the boardroom, inside the dressing room, or occasionally, on the pitch (!) Now, almost 40 years later all I have to do is subscribe a token amount of dosh and I get Wombles Downunder newsletters loaded with the sort of stuff I suspect few club supporters get yet most crave. Where are you hiding the webcams Rob?  Probably the best £10 I’ve spent in years.” 

Bobby Gould … “I have printed off the three pages of your Dons’ newsletter containing my interview and thoroughly enjoyed the read.  Hope your loyal readers enjoyed it as much as I did .”

Mike Richardson “It’s great. It’s one thing I do read thoroughly.”

Paul Harman … “Thanks for a great magazine. With the advent of technology, the Wombles Downunder newsletter is still required reading. I print each edition and spend the next couple of days reading the magazine.”

Iain Sandford …. I think the newsletter’s fantastic. Full of really interesting and well informed content and measured, balanced opinion pieces. The Harry Bassett interview was a particular joy. So yes, a terrific read and well worth the investment.

Hash Ahmed …. “Just finished reading the 200th edition and can I just say congratulations and thank you for a well written, engaging and informative newsletter. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it…every page of it! I loved the range of topics covered; I think every conceivable Womble topic was written about. As a Wimbledon fan, it’s not possible to get bored reading this. Big thank you for all the hard work that goes into it and please keep it up!”

Tony Ward of Crawley… “Wow  …  That is some newsletter! I think it is an amazing achievement that you and your fellow supporters can produce a document of that detail.  It’s fantastic, especially as it is Edition 190-odd.”

So what are you waiting for? To join WDSA and get your season email subscription to the long-running Wombles Downunder newsletter simply follow this link  and you will soon become a devotee as are others around the world.  Twenty-eight years and still going strong …..