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    I’ve decided to spruce up the web-site a wee bit (even with our new logo – any comments?). Another new feature is the single thread forum, so you can jump on and have your say, ask a question or just read what is being said. As I always say the forum is only as strong as what you make of it, so I would urge you to contribute and regularly to keep it all worthwhile. BTW, if you want to check something in the old forum it is now archived and the link is below… Okay let’s hear from you …

    Looking for the old forum? You can view the read-only archived version here.

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    Hi guys

    I know long time no see but I again forgot my password and never reset it but I thought this would be if interest to you as me and a lot of other fans have just created a WhatsApp chat for fans around the globe so away games up north of England us southerners can ask for hotel suggestions and parking and I thought for you Aussies it might be of interest to help stay in the loop and for suggestions on stuff like parking and hotels the link is attached thanks 🙂



    Wally has given the first indications of his summer team rebuilding with confirmation that club captain Deji Oshilaja, Tom Soares and Andy Barcham will not be retained. All were expected to go, no surprises there.

    Kwesi Appiah is on the retained list, indicative of the contract he initially signed under Neal Ardley, but there is speculation he may go out on loan, given his lack of first team chances under Wally, where the club will attempt to seek some relief from his high wages. And don’t be surprised if striker James Hanson may also go. Hanson gave everything to the Dons cause with his tireless running, finishing the season on a high after a run dogged by injuries. Loanees Aaron Ramsdale, Steve Seddon and Michael Folivi have returned to their parent clubs along with those that didn’t figure much under Wally. We now await news on what happens with incoming signings over the coming weeks.



    Devon it has been reported in the papers about Hodges and Gillingham:

    I can’t really see it happening personally.



    Judging by the number of Seddon related “love fest” posts on the OS, I’d say he is looking for a contract next season. Cynical? Moi?


    Devon Womble

    Astute observations as always Windlesham. I offer a couple of tweaks if I may.
    I think McDonald will go. I thought he did just enough in defence without being impressive. I personally believe this new giant (Rueben?) we’ve given a pro contract to will be the benchwarmer this season, and may get his chances if WaG decide to put Will in that sweeper position he played a few times.
    I still think Kaja still has a chance. He’s had little opportunity to build on the promise he once showed.
    Elsewhere, I am concerned about whether we will be able to hold onto the Pig, and I think even Will might get a few offers, the latter a more devastating blow IMHO as he has established himself as our version of ‘Ryan Giggs’ for loyalty and commitment even if he doesn’t score so often!
    One odd rumour I read somewhere was an approach from Gillingham for the ‘G’ part of WaG. Anyone have any more on that???
    So where do we spend our cash?
    A partner for the Pig? Maybe a bid for Seddon?
    How about a increased loan offer for another year of Rambo? Now there’s a thought!


    Windlesham Don

    As the dust settles on a tumultuous season, here is my guess on the ‘Wexit’ status of the squad:


    All of the loanees – Jervis, Watson, Garrett, Folivi, Seddon and Ramsdale. There has been some debate about whether Seddon will stay, but I think it unlikely. Ramsdale and Seddon are the only ones who have contributed to the cause, but they will take an awful lot of replacing next season.

    Oshilaja – Refused to sign a new contract and has been absent during most of the recovery. His stock has plummeted during the season and with hindsight we should have moved him on in the summer.

    Soares – His heart was probably in the right place, but his legs have gone. Contributed little.

    Barcham – Popular around the camp, but we cannot afford a winger who cannot beat his man for pace and who is defensively poor. Connolly is now the impact wide man.

    McDonnell – I thought he should have gone last season, but it has now become obvious that he is simply a bench-warmer for the first XI. He needs to find a Conference club and he needs to play some football. Tzanev has better physical attributes and better prospects.

    Kaja – Not likely to make it into the first team and also overtaken by Connolly for the squad wide man berth.

    Appiah – A ‘no brainer’ if we can move him on. The club will be desperate to free up his substantial wages. Sadly never close to fulfilling the “Championship quality” tag given to him.

    Pinnock – The ‘star man’ from earlier in the season, but has gone backwards as the season has progressed. Still unfit and defensively ill-disciplined – qualities that WaG will not tolerate. I’ll be surprised if he is not released/moved on.


    Nightingale, Thomas, Kalambayi, Sibbick – The defensive ‘young guns’ should be retained and should form the core of next season’s back line.

    McDonald – Not a slam dunk to remain, but has probably done enough to be retained as a squad player.

    Hartigan – Core part of the squad, but his lack of experience and defensive ability were exposed as the season progressed. Needs a season where he can be rested when he needs a break.

    McLoughlin – Needs an intense pre-season, as after a promising start his lack of experience in competitive football was exposed.

    Wordsworth – Mad as a box of frogs, but he seemed to thrive under the guidance of WaG. Held together our crumbling midfield on occasions, but needs to be freed up next season to join the attackers more often.

    Pigott – Expect the sharks to be circling around Joe during the summer, as 15 league goals in a toothless attack was a superb achievement. He seems happy and settled with us, but it would not be a surprise if he left for a fee.

    Connolly – Arrived with a bang, but once opposition became aware of his danger he did not get much of a look in. Much work to do over the summer on his attitude (a red card waiting too happen at the moment), decision making and defensive covering. Shows promise, but needs to develop.

    Tzanev – Keepers tend to be in limbo at our club, with very few making the step up to the first team. No sign that he is ready to step up at the moment, so may need a period out on loan if the management think he has a future. If not then he may be released.

    On the Fence:

    Wagstaff – Not sure that Wally really fancies Waggy, although I feel that he gives us much needed energy in midfield. His performances have been hit and miss through much of the season and his beard-dying episode ahead of the Millwall match clearly did not go down well with the management. May depend on whether he is on a two year contract.

    Hanson – Definitely on contract for next season and perceived as a good influence in the changing room, but undoubtedly another Ardley ‘last minute panic’ signing. Doesn’t seem to ‘gel’ with the Pig either. Injuries are a constant threat and WaG may wish to offload him if there is any interest.

    Any other opinions?

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