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    I’ve decided to spruce up the web-site a wee bit (even with our new logo – any comments?). Another new feature is the single thread forum, so you can jump on and have your say, ask a question or just read what is being said. As I always say the forum is only as strong as what you make of it, so I would urge you to contribute and regularly to keep it all worthwhile. BTW, if you want to check something in the old forum it is now archived and the link is below… Okay let’s hear from you …

    Looking for the old forum? You can view the read-only archived version here.

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    Just listened to the interview with former Dons managers. Dave Anderson and Terry Brown. What a great watch it was. The stand out quote was from Dave talking about meeting Jon Main as he came to the ground yesterday. John looked at the police presence, turned to Dave and said, “It wasn’t like this when we played Chipstead.”




    Wednesday here in London Town. It’s a lovely spring day. I’m on holiday away from the mindless tedium of work. Frequenting pubs, drinking real ale and watching the racing from Cheltenham. Can it be any better?

    YES! Seeing my beloved Dons beat the scummy Franchise bastards at Kingsmeadow. The win in the JPT was great, especially the picture of Ardley that night. But beating them in the League (and thereby staying well above them on the table) is something else. Probably up there with the Luton and Plymouth games.

    Although I was supposed to be in the Chemflow, I ended up in the John Green stand, so quite near the Franchise customers. A group just to the left of me were in fine voice, singing Dons songs and abusing their mob in equal measure. Naturally I joined in, as my main objective for coming all this way was to vent my anger at Wankerman et al.

    As for the football, the first half was pretty uneventful. Wimbledon totally dominated possession with Elliott winning headers and LTB looking lively, but with no cutting edge.

    Second half, the Dons started well, but many of the crosses were being overnight. Being up the other end, the first goal was a bit of a blur. Finally a decent cross came in, and all of a sudden, the ball was in the net, but it took me a half second to sink in.

    No such problem with the second goal. Pure quality from LTB, and surely a contender for goal of the season? The Frannies then had their best spell of the match, but thankfully it only lasted 5 minutes and Shea somehow managed to keep out their one effort on goal.

    6 minutes of extra time seemed excessive, but the Dons saw it through with no real scares.The final whistle was greeted with delirium and more chanting directed at the customers. We decamped to a local pub, ordered champagne and cheered again when the goals were shown on the TV.

    Another chapter written in our amazing story. We are very close to sealing our place in L1 next season, with a strong chance of finishing higher than the scum. It may be wishful thinking to hope that they get sucked into the bottom four, but stranger things have happened.

    Never Forgive, Never Forget.

    PS Wrote this without looking at other posts by the far more eloquent voices on here. Will check them out now.

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    Devon Womble

    Wonderful reports this morning guys. Thank you. It’s what makes this forum the best.
    I would have given my right nut to have been there last night. The result would have been worth it. Alas (sort of), I had to make do with the virtual stadium and the entirely and rightly biased Radio WDON commentary, but, I wake this morning still filled with euphoria… I doubt even a potential thrashing from Fleetwood will dampen it.
    We may not be entirely safe yet; (I am not convinced NA’s 52 points may be quite enough to avoid that last relegation spot), but, just maybe, last night will make those last 4 or 5 points (IMHO) a relatively easy task. Perversely, but so very happily, last night may yet also contribute to the downfall of the scum, for just a performance or two from the likes of games in hand Port Vale would put the filth in a very precarious position (said with much glee).
    As for our team’s performance, they still frustrate me in the way they can blow so hot and cold, but I’ll forgive them for being so distracted Saturday. Last night was truly so much more important. But, I venture to suggest that the highs and lows of being a Don’s fan must be akin to mimmicking drug addicition.
    A note too on NA. I yield. He’s OK, finally. (Faint, swoon… I hear you guys… Did I say that?) No matter what happens now, he has, I think, become a manager with the ability to out-think the opposition, something I have for so long doubted of him and something so important in his role. He also appears to have largely done away with his accursed procrastinations over substitutions and when to act… much to my relief.
    Onward then to the run-in and another 4 or 5 points. Surely though, thoughts must now be turning to how we prepare for another season in League One, and just who will we be able to keep for that task, and who we are likely to lose. Given that we are likely to lose a number of our high profile players (of whom I still rate Reeves as our best playmaker), is it now time for NA to prove the investment in our academy was worth it?



    I’m still buzzing.

    One further observation from last night that got lost in all the euphoria, was what a magnificent job the job did. Yes they did what they had to do, but it was the way they did it. Intended or not, it was a ultimate lesson in limited obstruction.

    The wonderful refusal to use the word “Dons” on the scoreboard. The official line was that “Milton Keynes Dons” wouldn’t fit, so “MK” would do. Cheeky!

    The lap of honour at the end, intended or not, meant Scumbag Pete and his mates had to wait around and endure more agony. Even the home fans at the end deliberately took their time to leave. Classic.

    Teresa May take notice!

    One final word must go to Lyle Taylor. I waited around at least 15 minute after the MOTM presentations had finished. He was still there chatting to fans and having photos taken. What a top bloke. What a top team. What a top, top night!


    Singapore Don

    Well said Colum. This morning, the high is as high as it was last night. That was right up there as one of the all time best AFC Wimbledon experiences, certainly in my top three. I’ve never known an atmosphere like it. From before kick off, the noise was deafening. Constant, raucous, boisterous, loud, the whole stadium was rocking for 90 plus minutes, every part of the ground was in full voice: even the main stand rose to a man, woman and child to join in the “If you hate franchise, stand up” on numerous occasions. The crowd was up for the challenge of the night, and so too were the players.

    From the off, we played a high tempo, high pressing game, getting in the away team’s faces, hustling and bustling and putting together crisp, neat passes to keep possession. Jon Meades was the model of calm, skilful professionalism at right back, slotting in there as naturally as if he played there week in week out. Sean Kelly was not all overwhelmed by the big occasion, and was looking solid at left back, while Robbo and Charles were as commanding as ever in central defence. Our midfield was purring in a display of compact, combative dominance: Reeves, Bulman were the backbone doing the break up work in the middle, Barcham and Soares (yes, even Soares!) harrying and pressuring constantly. Up front, big Tom was majestic, while Lyle Taylor Baby rose to the big occasion – as he so often does – to put in a typical LTB high octane, full throttled forward performance. James Shea made one great save, otherwise the unspeakables posed no threat at all. It was just utterly delightful to watch – and so helped to calm the pre-match nerves of us not showing up or looking vulnerable to a negative scoreline to stoke our anti franchise anger.

    Realising the game was looking to be in our favour, the decibel levels rose throughout the first 45 minutes, the franchise low life getting drowned off the pitch as their team were being sunk on the pitch. 0-0 at half time was fine, we weren’t suffering the unthinkable pain and ignominy of trailing. A word here for the referee, who was by a country mile the best ref we’ve seen at KM all season. He ensured there was no nastiness on the pitch, have quiet but firm words when transgressions looked a little too over the top. He did a brilliant, understated job in keeping a lid on things on the pitch to allow the game to be played without incident. Big credit to him. And while reflecting on his outstanding role, and after a lot of capturing of breath and saving of voices at half time, it was in to battle for round two.

    And boy oh boy, there was only ever going to be one winner from the second half contest. We were excellent, building on the solid display of the first half to put in a second half of complete dominance. Taylor worked his magic to put in a cross for Barcham to nod down for Reeves to knock in – and the delirium was unleashed. I’ve never seen such scenes of unbridled joy and passion as when Jake’s ball hit the back of the net. The franchise crowd were finally fully silenced, and barely made a pipsqueak sound afterwards. We were going to win, there was no doubt – and it meant that the last half hour of the game was one of sheer ecstasy as we rode the galloping steed of victory to the finish line. Taylor’s brilliant individual effort and sublime finish put the cherry on the cake (oh the metaphors are a plenty today!), and the whole stadium, the whole club celebrated as if we’d won the FA Cup, got promoted to the Premiership – it was rapturous, being right up there on Cloud nine. Another superb save from Shea – his only one I think in the second half – ensured we kept that oh so vital clean sheet to rob the franchise lot of any opportunity to have even a minute of lauding it over us for a goal conceded.

    And so the night ended with the team, management and support staff doing a slow lap of honour round the ground, Neal Ardley and others pumping their fists on their chest club badges – you could see each and every Dons rep out there got just how huge this victory was. The club was as one, fans and team, easing just some of the pain of the past 15 years as the franchise “supporters” – held back at the final whistle for safety reasons – had to look on and see a real club celebrating a real victory in real style.

    A final word to all those at the club who worked so hard to put in place measures which ensured the evening passed off peacefully at KM despite the venomous loathing of the unspeakable plastic outfit. They did an excellent job. One blue smoke flare was the only blemish I could see or that I heard of during the game: otherwise it was 90 minutes of passionate crowd banter which was kept to the war of words and nothing more. Despite all the best laid preparations, a defeat would have soured the atmosphere, and who knows how differently the evening may have turned out then. But thankfully, that wasn’t to be and we don’t have to venture into the realms of what-ifs and what-might-have-been.

    Our famous 2-0 win ensured this was a night of celebration, a night to show the footballing world and authorities that we are the Real Dons, the only Dons, and we are clearly – oh so ever so clearly – in the wider interests of football. It was a night never to be forgotten – as that theft 15 years ago will never be forgotten. But it was also something of a cathartic night. In a small way I can move on now, knowing we avoided the bullet of the unspeakables have bragging rights over coming to our place and leaving us behind with our tails between our legs. They lost, and were silenced on and off the pitch. We won. Simple. We have a club to be proud of, a club with heart and passion and history. We are AFC Wimbledon, we are the Wombles from the Lane (and going back there!), WE are the Dons.



    Just witnessing the sustained rapturous standing ovation Neal Ardley and his team received on their lap of honour after destroying the Frannies showed how much the victory meant for the Dons fans among the 4,112 crowd at Kingsmeadow. Ardley was thumping the club crest on his jacket and clapping the supporters. He said later: “I saw a lot of smiling faces and a lot of pride when we went around the pitch at the end. I wanted the players to enjoy that moment with the fans. They did us proud tonight. It (the atmosphere) was electric. We have played Liverpool here, played a (play-off) semi-final here, but tonight was something a bit different. All I wanted personally was for the players to do us proud and I think they did that.”
    There were Dons fans who stayed away from the game, saying they couldn’t stomach the sight of the Frannies playing on their pitch. But just seeing what it meant to a great many Dons supporters shows what a galvanising moment it was in the ever-evolving history of our remarkable club. Whatever the feelings about the first visit of the reviled Frannies, one thing stands out: the club is tighter than ever, coming together against a common foe and more than beating them on the pitch but off the pitch as well. Well done to you all. Definitely one of the stellar highlights of what has been a great first season for the Real Dons in League One.

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