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    I’ve decided to spruce up the web-site a wee bit (even with our new logo – any comments?). Another new feature is the single thread forum, so you can jump on and have your say, ask a question or just read what is being said. As I always say the forum is only as strong as what you make of it, so I would urge you to contribute and regularly to keep it all worthwhile. BTW, if you want to check something in the old forum it is now archived and the link is below… Okay let’s hear from you …

    Looking for the old forum? You can view the read-only archived version here.

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    Hi Pete, hi John, hi Colum.
    Thanks for posting on here despite the poor results. Looks like we have to start preparing for League Two football next season.
    I may be over in April so possibly we can drown our sorrows over a few beers.
    Take care


    Singapore Don

    I should add: spineless midfield. No fight, no control, no energy. We have a team that cannot pass a ball. And there is no one to take the game by the scruff of the neck and impose some authority and creativity. We desperately lack any sort of playmaker or midfield dynamo. Only Dylan Connolly offers any sort of hope of something happening when he gets the ball. Otherwise, it’s a team of plodding ineptitude. In defence, midfield and attack, we’re clueless. And Wally seemed to have no answers tonight. His biggest failing could well be his failure to recruit in this January window. We needed a striker and creative midfielder desperately, and despite his positive soundings at the end of December, nothing has happened. Any signing now will be too late to have any sort of meaningful impact. On this account, the WaG copy book has been blotted.


    Singapore Don

    That was as shambolic and woeful a performance as I’ve seen at KM in a long, long time. Utterly dire, we were quite frankly an embarrassment. Only Aaron Ramsdale seemed to display any passion or fight. The ten outfield players to a man were a disgrace. The defence was crap, the forward line non existent. Pigott game by game is being exposed as the non league player he was a year ago. Pinnock looks equally lightweight and clueless. The side that played tonight would struggle in League Two. It was painfully clear across the team that we lack any sort of ability, any sort of quality. The Dons’ football was non league at best, some of it schoolboy like at time. We made Fleetwood look like Barcelona. It was shameful.

    Is the Wally honeymoon over? Seven goals shipped at KM in the last two games, only one scored. The crowd was teetering on the brink tonight. Plenty of boos and “you’re not fit to wear the shirt”, and it’s spreading. Personally, I felt less angry. The hope had already died for me before tonight. Expectations are zero, so when a pile of rubbish is delivered like tonight, it doesn’t hurt anymore. But that in itself is so sad. I’ve alway been an impassioned soul, shouting and willing on the team. Tonight, I felt the fight in me die. Resignation set in. That team tonight is not capable of spiriting up a miracle. We’re going down.


    Devon Womble

    Well that’s that then guys. League Two here we come. With the worst record in League One, everyone around us getting better (with the possible exception of Rochdale), and now everyone above us with a game in hand, I really cannot see any way back for us. Yes, miracles do happen and I still hope for one, but to go down 3-0 at home to a team we only recently beat 3-2 on their own turf is unfathomable… especially now that we are more or less back to full strength.
    I seriously hope WD has a sizable hairdryer because he’s going to need it. I also recommend he obtain a large axe because clearly there is a lot of dead wood still hanging around the dressing room that simply has to go.
    If there is any consolation to this shambles, it’s that with the pressure now off; WD can concentrate on getting our youngsters and those that consensus considers capable of demonstrating a desire to play with not a little skill, into some sort of team fit for keeping us in League Two… surely now the next major concern. (Wonder if we can lease Plough Lane back to the Greyhounds?)
    NA may have got us to League One, but he sure as hell is also responsible for getting us back out of it.



    Here’s my best moment of Saturday’s game. Ramsey’s knee slide to the edge of the area when we equalised. He really does seem a quality keeper, and I love it when players show some emotion.

    My worst moment has to be THAT miss by Jervis. We could easily have gone in at HT 3-1 up. Sure Ramsey was by far the busiest keeper in the first half, but most of the saves he had to make were fairly routine.

    Finally my definition of optimism. In the second half, the Barnsley keeper was being heckled by a wit during a stop in play when we were 1-3 down. “We’re going to win 4-3 keeper. Jervis is coming for you. Here he comes. You may as good surrender.” It continued along these lines for several minutes.

    I doubt Jervis would have seen the funny side had he heard it. He looks totally shot of confidence. His movement is virtually non-existent, and that in my opinion is at the heart of the miss. Had he actually missed onto the ball, rather than waiting for it to come to him, it would have been much more difficult not to score. But with Jervis, maybe he’d have found a way.

    Pete is spot on. We are (and will be) a League Two club. I just can’t see us getting the required points, and even if we did we’re relying on others to continually slip up.

    One other observation. Would Ardley have played two central defenders in midfield at yesterday’s game? Hell no. We’d have witnessed the wardrobes we’ve become used to seeing. Would Ardley have played the development squad players like Kalambayi and Hartigan. I doubt it. Wally and Glen seem to recognised that we can’t buy our way out of this mess. They have to rely on what we have, and aren’t afraid to mix things up a bit to get the result. I like that!


    Windlesham Don

    Nicely summed up, Pete, saving me writing any match report!

    Certainly Tuesday is a must-win fixture now, let’s hope that WaG come up with a tactical plan to get us the three points otherwise I will start planning for life back in League 2.

    I’d add to your player assessment plus points for Terrell Thomas, who seemed to fit back in alongside Kalambayi very well, and the new loanee Seddon, who seemed unphased by moving from League 2 to Championship quality opposition.

    On the negative side I would add Mitch Pinnock. Although his delivery remains good, his first touch is poor, his decision-making is too slow and his defensive duties appear to be ignored most of the time. For long periods in open play he looked out of his depth – let’s hope he has the ability and desire to improve, as I am sure that Wally and Glyn will be working on him.

    Roll on Tuesday. Let’s hope the entire squad are fully focused on the three points on offer, as IMO this game is far more important than the cup game on Saturday.

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